Microsoft Alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Health

MHII joined forces with Prologica in the area of advanced analytics and is selected to be part of the Microsoft Alliance to empower Health with Artificial Intelligence (AI). The announcement was made today during the Microsoft Health Innovation Summit, inside the Microsoft Executive Briefing Center, in Brussels.

With the purpose of democratizing AI in Health for every person and every organization, Microsoft created this international alliance with more than 20 partners to work on their vision for health through AI:

“The future of health relies on the notion of Artificial Intelligence (AI), or the capability of IT systems to sense the world, comprehend, act and learn. (…) The idea that computers understand the world through vision, speech language and knowledge is not a futuristic dream. It is today’s reality unfolding and empowering new systems of cure and care. (…) Advanced analytics, machine learning, robotics, holographic computing, and bots are re-designing every aspect of how people live, communicate, work, and learn. They are poised to transform how people receive care and how professionals deliver health services”.

As a Microsoft Health Partner, we are also focused on assisting health organizations to integrate systems of intelligence that will optimize both clinical and operational effectiveness. With our advanced analytics platform, Meliora, we intend to use data science to anticipate problems, forecast events, identify potential risks and optimize processes, in order to improve the efficiency and quality of care and provide better access and transparency.

Stay tuned about Microsoft AI in Health Alliance: