Meliora is an advanced decision support platform that contains data, algorithms and tools
to equip health organizations with the answers they need to improve their operations.

We have combined data engineering capabilities with advanced machine intelligence and the best interaction principles in a single platform that supports data-driven decisions in real time.

Meliora uses data science to anticipate problems, forecast events, identify potential risks and optimize processes, in order to improve the efficiency and quality of care and provide better access and transparency.



Use analytical dashboards, intuitive visualizations, interactive filters, relational queries, dynamic highlights and powerful data drills to monitor your key performance and quality indicators. Avoid information overload and act on relevant changes in your data.


Set up powerful alerts on multiple representations of your data, using customized thresholds, variation benchmarks and advanced anomaly detection algorithms. Get notified and receive information about potential causes when there is something that needs you attention.



Move away from rules of thumb and use data mining and machine learning models to forecast events before they occur, assess potential risks and identify meaningful patterns. Identify the variables and complex rules that predict outcomes in your data.


Stop using trial and error and apply interactive simulation tools and optimization algorithms to improve process efficiency and quality. Achieve an efficient allocation of scarce resources, while maintaining or increasing the quality of care.



Unlock the power of your data