About us

We empower healthcare entities to unlock the power of data and improve their decision making

Who we are

MHII Solutions provides analytics and technology solutions to healthcare organizations. We are focused on addressing complex and challenging problems and on improving decision-making processes at all levels.

Founded in September 2015, MHII has multidisciplinary teams with expertise in data engineering, advanced analytics, business intelligence and interaction design.

We are based in Portugal but have an international footprint, with experience in working with public and private health institutions, such as Hospitals, Clinics, Offices, NGOs and sector associations.

Recently, MHII has merged with Prologica, one of the oldest Portuguese companies that operates in the area of ICT since 1984.

What we believe

We are on a mission to drive better health and save lives. Our solutions are designed to continuously and sustainably, help organizations to address complex challenges, improve the efficiency and quality of care and provide better access and transparency.

Our challenges

Ensure the return on investment of healthcare organizations

Bring added value for healthcare through our partnerships

Actively support the different stakeholders of healthcare

SDG commitment

With the commitment of sharing with the world the monitoring and visualization of SDG 3 in a simple, attractive and consumable mobile visualization platform, MHII Solutions has joined the global partnership for Sustainable Development Goals and developed "Targets for Health".

The ability to easily monitor and visualize complex and huge amounts of data is key to allow meaningful insights out of data. Therefore, MHII Solutions expects to contribute to the widespread of mobile data monitoring and visualization in order to reach a true data democratization.

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